Premium Up
Effective 31 October 2022, Customers who are travelling on AirAsia X flights (D7) will no longer be able to bid to upgrade to Premium Flatbed.

Experience next-level comfort in the sky by basking in luxury on the World’s Best Premium Flatbed. Bid to upgrade your flying experience and ultimately, enjoy great savings to all destinations. May the best bidder win!

Premium Up includes

Premium Flatbed

Spacious seat reclines to become a full flatbed when desired.

Free Baggage Allowance

40kg of checked baggage for all your storage needs. No more holding back on packing!

Premium Flatbed Counter

Dedicated counter for your convenience.

Priority Boarding

Board the plane ahead of others.
This service is temporarily suspended in order to adhere to social distancing policies that require boarding of passengers to be conducted from the back to the front.

Complimentary Meals 1

To comply with the maximum safety standards for food operations onboard, we’ll continue to serve food and beverages, but with limited menu options.

Priority Baggage

Get your baggage before everyone else after touchdown.

Pick A Seat

Enjoy plenty of legroom when you choose from any of the 12 Premium Flatbed seats in rows 1 - 2.

Xcite Inflight Entertainment

Enjoy access to hours of movies, TV series, music, games, and magazines-all on the Xcite Tab.
This service is temporarily suspended.

Pillow and Duvet

Snuggle with a fluffy pillow and soft duvet for a homey experience.

Sony noise-cancelling headphones

Take your inflight experience to the next level with noise-cancelling headphones made to fly.
This service is temporarily suspended.

Travel Insurance by Tune Protect 2

1 Hour On Time Guarantee and Baggage Delay.

1 In the event that AirAsia cannot serve certain pre-booked meals, AirAsia will substitute the affected meals with a new meal. Passengers will need to reselect their new meal via their original booking channel at least 24 hours before departure time, otherwise, a default meal will be selected. Meals are not available for Thai AirAsia (FD), AirAsia India (I5) and AirAsia Japan (DJ) flights. Prices on the website have been adjusted accordingly to reflect the omission.

2 The coverage only applies to all direct flights departing from selected countries. It is not applicable for Fly-Thru, island and city transfers. Please also note that flights between Kuala Lumpur and Honolulu / Dhaka are not applicable. Tune Protect Travel-AirAsia is underwritten by local insurance partners depending on your first departure country. Have a question? Get your answers from our Travel Insurance by Tune Protect FAQ.