Premium Up - Terms and Conditions

The AirAsia X Berhad Upgrade Service (“Premium Up”, “Upgrade”, “Service”, or “Upgrade Service”), allows you to place a request for an upgrade to Premium Flatbed on an existing confirmed economy flight booking to travel with AirAsia X Berhad (Company No. 734161-K) of B-13-15, Level 13, Menara Prima Tower B, Jalan PJU 1/39, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia (“AAX” or “Airline”).

The following Terms and Conditions apply when you use the Service. The Service represents an additional purchase to your existing original booking to travel with the Airline.

Requests can only be made on selected flights operated by the Airline on condition that the passenger has a confirmed economy class ticket for the concerned flight.

Caravelo - ChangeYourFlight S.L., Ronda Sant Pere 19, Barcelona, Spain (“CYF”), is the solution and technology provider for the AAX Upgrade service. Your flight booking remains governed at all times by the Airline’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

1. General

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Malaysia but in enforcing these Terms and Conditions, the laws of the user's country of residence at the time the request is submitted shall govern these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice to you.

These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with AAX Conditions of Carriage and Privacy Policy and are hereby incorporated into and form part of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any contradiction between the Terms and Conditions in any language other than English language (such as Chinese etc.), the Terms and Conditions in the English language shall always prevail.

The fare conditions for the original ticket you purchased shall remain in effect and will be applicable even if your Request has been accepted, including, but not limited to, cancellation policies, change fees, reimbursement rules and other rules relating to the potential accrual of frequent flyer miles or other benefits.

2. Use of Service

2.1 Using the Upgrade Service

The Upgrade Service allows you to place a request (“Request”) to upgrade your flight booking to AAX Premium Flatbed at an attractive price, but on a non-guaranteed basis.

You will find out whether your Request has been accepted or rejected approximately 25 hours before departure. – we call this the Decision Moment.

2.2 Availability of the Upgrade Service

The Upgrade Service is only available on selected flights operated by AAX. The Service is only available on condition that the passenger has a confirmed ticket for the concerned flight. Some AAX routes and flights may be excluded.

You will be able to see if you are eligible to use the Service by entering your booking details (Booking Code and Passenger Surname) on the website

Where the Service is available, it may be offered to your whole party only.

2.3 Using the Upgrade Service and Payment

To access the service, you will identify yourself (input basic PNR details: Booking Code and Passenger Surname) and proceed to complete the request forms. The platform controls the validity of each booking, reviews all the requests, and verifies which requests are assigned.

If your flight(s) are eligible for the Upgrade Service, the price to Upgrade may be presented either as a static “Fixed Price”, or, an adjustable slider input where you can enter your desired price “Bid” for each flight. In case of Bid pricing, there may be a minimum and maximum Bid price, as indicated on the website.

The deadline for submitting a Request is usually around twenty-six (26) hours before the scheduled departure of the relevant flight.

Once you have selected your flight(s) to Upgrade and price, you will be asked to submit your payment card and contact details and to accept these Terms and Conditions. At this point you are committing to the Request.

A payment authorisation is made using your card details however no initial payment is required and your credit card details are securely stored in accordance with data protection and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Payment is only taken at Decision Moment and only if your Request is accepted. If your Request is accepted, you will be charged the Request amount in the currency selected. Your Request will be automatically rejected if payment cannot be taken in full.

2.4 If we accept your Request

Once a Bid is accepted, it cannot be cancelled or withdrawn.

Your payment card will automatically be charged for the Request amount using the details entered when you made your Request. You will be charged the corresponding amount in the currency indicated when you made your Request.

The final amount charged may differ due to your payment card provider’s fluctuating daily exchange rates and commissions on foreign currency transactions. As our acquiring bank is located within the EU, please note that your card provider may charge you an overseas transaction fee. For further clarification please contact your card provider.

The fare conditions for the original ticket you purchased shall remain in effect and will be applicable even if your Request has been accepted, including, but not limited to, cancellation policies, change fees, reimbursement rules and other rules relating to other benefits.

Fees for any additional services, including seat fees, previously paid will NOT be refunded.

2.5 Changing or cancelling your Request before the Decision Moment

Up to one (1) hour before the Decision Moment, you can freely change or cancel your Request.

The Decision Moment takes place twenty-five (25) hours before departure. The deadline to change or cancel your Request is twenty-six (26) hours before the scheduled departure of the relevant flight.

To change or cancel your Request, you must login to the Service website and go to the section ‘Manage’. You can also access the ‘Manage’ section by clicking on the corresponding link in the confirmation e-mail which will have been sent to you to validate that your Request has been submitted or amended.

Your Modification or Cancellation will be considered confirmed on receipt of the corresponding email.

3. User’s Rights & Responsibilities

Your identification details are strictly personal and confidential. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your identification and booking reference details provided by AAX.

You shall be deemed to have the authority to act on behalf of and to bind the person or persons named or included on the Booking to these Terms and Conditions.

You must have reached the legal age of majority in your country of residence at the time the Request is submitted.

You agree that your Request remains open for acceptance by AAX at any time up to the Decision Moment.

4. Request Acceptance/Rejection and Operational Changes

AAX is under no obligation to accept any Request, and it makes no representation that any passenger will receive the AAX Upgrade service or upgrade requested. The acceptance or rejection of a Request is always at the sole discretion of AAX and does not indicate that AAX will accept or reject any other similar Request in the future.

If there are last-minute flight plan amendments by AAX or booking changes on your part (less than 36 hours before departure), due to technical reasons it cannot be guaranteed that your Request will be taken into consideration. Evidently under these circumstances, no charge will be made to your credit card. You may access the Service website to check whether your new flight(s) are eligible for the Upgrade Service.

After acceptance of your Request it may be necessary for AAX to change the aircraft type operating for your flight or to change seat allocations for other operational reasons. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to honour your Upgrade request, however this cannot be guaranteed. If we are unable to provide the Upgrade in the new flight (only where your Request has been accepted), the Request amount paid by you will be refunded as set out in the Refunds section below.

5. Refunds

There will be no refunds, credits, or exchanges once your Request has been accepted by AAX, except under the following conditions:

Please note that Request for Upgrade will not be refunded after acceptance if you subsequently cancel or amend your flight, even if your underlying fare is amendable or refundable.

If the refund is accepted, the Request amount paid for the AAX Upgrade Service will be refunded to the payment card used to pay for the original Request.

Refunds will be processed in the currency in which the original payment was made. The final refunded amount may differ from the amount originally paid due to fluctuating daily exchange rates and bank charges at your local bank.

You may apply for a refund provided that the conditions for which refunds are given as described in these Terms and Conditions have been satisfied. To claim a refund, you must present the (i) your booking confirmation, (ii) boarding pass for the flight concerned, and (ii) the email confirming acceptance of your Request.

To request a refund, please contact AAX Customer Service through the Contact us page within 3 months of the flight departure for which the refund request is being raised.

6. CYF Rights & Responsibilities

CYF will always take care to ensure your payment card data are held safely and securely, in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Your card data are stored on a server behind a secure firewall, and only a limited number of authorized employees will be able to access this information.

At all times, users will be able to get in touch with the Airline at the Contact us page to claim money back in case of an incidence.

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8. Contact

If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding these Terms & Conditions, please contact us in writing via the AAX eform at